In the Artnuances Gallery, the section dedicated to photography was a must. Basically, there are two macro areas that we can identify and appreciate. The live photo, that is, one in which the photographer captures a moment of a life, a landscape, a look, and immortalizes it, recreating in the observer the sensations that artist experienced.

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The other macro area consists of the works of those who after the shot decide to artistically re-elaborate their vision, adding effects, breaking down colors or integrating the single photo in a more complex composition. In either case, the viewer has the possibility to buy, as with a painting or a sculpture, a unique and unrepeatable work. Great photographers have become recognized as such, precisely because of their sensitivity in knowing how to capture the life surrounding them and to render it immortal first on film and then in electronic memories. The technology has simply improved the ways of capturing images. But it certainly cannot can’t replace the photographer’s vision, sensitivity, glance. In our gallery you will find only artists/photographers who we believe have attained a high level of expressiveness and are capable of conveying exceptional sensations. Here, too, there is no absolute beauty, as everyone has their own vision and point of view, but we believe that our selection can clear a path for those who seek to enter this universe.