Our pink goal

Women have always been one of the pillars of art.
In the past they were muses and remained largely on the sidelines, perhaps artists in secret or in disguise. Over time, they became true protagonists. From Artemisia Gentileschi to Tamara de Lempicka, from Frida Kahlo to Marina Abramovich, the world is full of talented women who have changed history.

Each of us has a talent, and each, whether man or woman, deserves to be given an opportunity to give it expression. For this reason, as an art gallery that strives for beauty and the exaltation of individual talents, we want to help those who have difficulty getting back on their feet. And we have chosen to support women as they embark on a second life after a difficult struggle with breast cancer.

Our concrete help for Donne Insieme (Women Together)

We decided to donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of our works to Donne Insieme Onlus, an Italian association that has been working for years to support women and assist them in dealing with the disease, through dialogue, medical care and the sharing of their experiences.
We suggest you visit their website to see the work they do and how they engage in their cause.

The support of our artists

We asked our artists if they would join us and something out of the ordinary happened.
Irina Svistova, Liubka Kirilova, Roman Nogin, Matt Liao and Tatiana Zhezmer immediately accepted our proposal, contributing another 10%, in addition to that already donated by Artnuances, on the sale of all their paintings present in the online store.
What is more, Roman Nogin will devolve all the earnings from five of his paintings to our charity project.
All our works make a contribution to this project. The ones you see below go even further. We have arranged them by category, but next to each you will also find, in detail, the amount of contribution that will be dispensed, symbolized by the pink ribbon, the traditional icon of the fight against breast cancer.
Finally, if you would like to contribute directly to the project, on the site of Donne Insieme Onlus you will find a dedicated section.

Roman Nogin – All earnings to our pink goal

Additional 10% for Donne Insieme Onlus