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Lo scoglio delle sirene - Ulisse -Walter Capezzali

Who are our November artists?

During this month, we started our activity in social media like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
Every week, we introduce you some of the artists that took part in our online art gallery project.
Now, let’s have a look to our November artists: you can find a selection of their works in our social networks.
From now on, at the end of every month, there will be a recap for you on the blog.

Johann Nußbächer

We started from Johann Nußbächer, a very prolific German artist, painter, printmaker and draftsman.
His most famous paintings are the “Arbeit in varnish”. You can also watch a video explanation about his ideas in our YouTube channel.

Marcela Ramírez-Aza

The second november artist is Marcela Ramírez-Aza. She is a Colombian painter. Her training inlcludes social communication, artistic drawing, photography, visual arts, graphic design and art history. Ramírez-Aza experimented different techniques: from figurative styles to informal abstractions. She decided to dissociate herself from academic training. In facts, she wanted to create something with which she currently feels fully identified.


Walter Capezzali

Walter Capezzali is an Italian architect, graphic designer, scene – painter, and historian of ceremonial.
Since 1970 he creates art collages. For a more complete and dreamy explanation of his art, we invite you to see, also in this case, his video in our YouTube channel.

Tatiana Zhezmer

Tatiana Zhezmer is an architet, working in Russia, Italy and Czech Republic. Her projects include the famous Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow, Russia. Besides architectural projects, Tatiana experiments with digital arts.

Fog in Venice Ralto Bridge - Tatiana Zhezmer

Enrico Franchi

Enrico Franchi’s Transhumance is a herd of bronze cows. Transhumance is a word composed of the Latin prefix trans-. This prefix indicates crossing, change, displacement from one place – or from one state – to another, grafted onto the noun humus (= land). Respectful of the etymology, the word transhumance refers to the migration that the herds face seasonally as they descend from the hilly or mountain pastures to those in the plains – and vice versa.

Giovanni Crisostomo

Giovanni Crisostomo is the last (but not least) of our November artists. He is an Italian painter and engraver: he lives in the Umbrian countryside near Todi. He studied painting with Pippo Rizzo and Leo Castro, engraving with Nunzio Sciavarello, painting with Luigi Montamarini and Alessandro Trotti, design with Peppino Piccolo. During his french stay, he studied drawing with the sculptor Bernard Citroen and attended Orfeo Tamburi’s studio.

Picasso a venezia - Giovanni Crisostomo

Have you found something interesting for a very precious art gift? Or for your collection?
If you are interested in something, you can visit our whole art gallery and request information about the works you like te most. Meanwhile, follow us in our social channel and have a look at our blog section!

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