Meeting of the arts – tango, and painting – Sensuality- Melina Mourino and Luis Cappelletti


Meeting of the arts – tango, and painting – Sensuality

Let’s continue our journey into the world of the arts by discovering the various aspects that unite them. Here we talk about sensuality.

Sensuality has played a significant role in the arts since ancient times. Through painting, sculpture, literature, dance, and other forms of expression, artists have sought to capture and convey the essence of human sensuality.

In painting and sculpture, sensuality often manifests itself through the representation of human bodies. Paintings and sculptures of nude figures have aroused feelings of pleasure and desire since classical antiquity. These works celebrate the beauty and form of the human body, exploring sensuality through line, shape, and color.

Dance is an art that lends itself particularly well to expressing sensuality through body movement. Sensual choreography can communicate intimacy and attraction between dancers, creating an immersive visual and emotional experience for spectators. Dances such as Argentine tango or Spanish flamenco are known for their inherent passion and sensuality.

Also, music can be a powerful medium for eliciting feelings of sensuality. The melodic tones, seductive rhythms, and suggestive lyrics can create an atmosphere of intimacy and passion.

You will find a summary in the attached video, on the one hand, some wonderful works representing Artnuances Gallery, and on the other the beauty of a tango couple: Melina Mouriño and Luis Cappelletti.

Sensuality in the arts can be a form of exploration of human identity, desire, and interaction. Through artistic expression, artists seek to capture the complexity of sensual relationships and emotions. Some may understand sensuality as a purely physical experience, while others may emphasize its emotional and spiritual significance.

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