Les Défis du Corps – Natino Chirico


Les Défis du CorpsNatino Chirico

Artnuances Gallery is proud to announce that a work by Natino Chirico – entitled Coppi e Bartali – has been acquired by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to become part of the prestigious collection of 20th-century works of art exhibited inside the Palace of the Farnesina, the Roman headquarters of the Ministry. In reality, before definitively entering the collection mentioned above, this work will be exhibited in Paris starting May 15th in the prestigious headquarters of the Italian embassy in France, on the occasion of an exhibition dedicated to the combination of sport and art. The exhibition entitled “The challenges of the body” is a tribute that Italy dedicates to the next Olympic Games which will take place in the French capital starting from July 24th. It is further recognition of the versatility and artistic creativity of this character, which boasts many works by him in the most prestigious collections as well as numerous international awards. Artnuances Gallery, in its search for artists of great personality, is honored to host some of the works of this great artist. Even many VIPs have purchased works by him, thanks to the extraordinary personality that the artist instills in them. To those who can go to Paris, we invite you to go and visit this special exhibition, and to those who cannot, to visit our website and appreciate the works of Natino Chirico.


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