Incontro tra arti – tango e pittura – con Melina Mourino and Luis Cappelletti



Meeting of the arts – tango, and painting

Recently an event took place in Perugia, quite rare in its combination, namely the Tango performed in an art gallery, in the midst of paintings by various Italian artists. The tango performance was given to the public by the duo formed by Melina Mourino and her husband Luis Cappelletti. The couple for years in Italy where they have a Tango school, performed in a beautiful and choreographic performance on some of the most famous music of the tango genre. Tango and painting are two very different art forms, but both are very expressive and emotional. Tango is a dance that originated in Argentina and Uruguay in the late 19th century. It is characterized by sensual and rhythmic movements, often accompanied by intense and passionate music. Tango is often associated with romance and passion. Painting, on the other hand, is a visual art form that uses colors, lines, and shapes to create images on a surface. There are many different techniques and styles of painting, and artists can create artwork that represents a wide range of emotions and themes. Although they are different art forms, there are some commonalities between tango and painting. Both try to express emotions and sensations through movement or image. Furthermore, both tango and painting require a high level of creativity and communication skills, as the artist must be able to convey an emotional message to the audience. Also, in some cases, painting can be used to represent tango. For example, many artists have created artwork that depicts tango dancers, or that captures the sensual and passionate atmosphere of the dance. In summary, tango and painting are two different art forms but both are extremely expressive and communicative. Both tango and painting require a high level of creativity and communication skills to convey emotions and sensations to the audience.


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