Roman Nogin into Leverkusener JazzTage



Roman Nogin into Leverkusener JazzTage

Roman Nogin into Leverkusener JazzTage. From 2 to 19 November in Leverkusen, Germany, on the occasion of the Leverkusener Jazz Tage, which takes place in the German city of Leverkusen, our Roman Nogin will be the guest of honor in the section dedicated to pictorial art.
The exhibition will take place in the rooms of the Bayer Erholungshaus, the most important and prestigious cultural center in Leverkusen, where famous jazz musicians from all over the world will perform. For this occasion, about fifteen works that the artist dedicated to his favorite theme, Jazz, will be exhibited. There will be portraits of some of the greats of Jazz, from Billie Holiday to Ray Charles, just to name a few.
The execution technique and style, which have made these works and their author appreciated all over the world, both by jazz and art enthusiasts, allow the visitor to admire his paintings full of colour, which fully convey the power of the characters immortalized or the particularity of the environments that hosted this musical genre.
For the occasion, the Ukrainian artist decided to temporarily move from his adopted residence in Spain to Germany, to personally follow the evolution of his exhibition and will be available to the public to illustrate his works, which we remember are on sale.
Artnuances Gallery, which has always exhibited and sold works by this amazing artist and is the custodian of his production, sent part of the works for this occasion, and at the same time on the website www.artnuances.com it opened a virtual exhibition to give everyone those who will not be able to see his works in person will still be able to fully enjoy them and be able to purchase them.
The works are the result of several years’ work, interrupted due to the sad situations that arose in Ukraine. The Artnuances Gallery knows that for artists in general, and for Nogin in particular, it is important not only to exhibit, but to sell in order to have those financial resources that are absolutely indispensable in particular situations such as the one we are currently experiencing. So the hope is that among the public who will attend there will also be collectors who will not miss the opportunity to include unique pieces by this artist in their collection.

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