Jazz Color Jazz

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On July 17th we closed the doors of our first physical exhibition, Jazz Color Jazz.

12 artists from 5 continents exhibited 75 jazz-themed works on the occasion of the great return of Umbria Jazz.

✨ A great success: 5000 visitors from 28 countries! ✨

Opening the exhibition to coincide with Umbria Jazz was a way to interest the public, but we would never have imagined such a success. Even the experts of the Rocca Paolina, who in those rooms have seen dozens of exhibitions of various kinds, said they in turn were amazed.

📓The guestbook received enthusiastic comments from visitors, both large and small, who were able to admire the works in a scenographic context such as that of the Sala Cannoniera.

⭐ Visitors also underlined how impressed they were not only by the fine works exhibited, Roman Nogin in the lead, but also by the extraordinary effect of the different playing techniques and by the original way in which many artists approached the Jazz theme. A mix, for many, unexpected and very welcome.

🎨 The exhibition also offered us another welcome as well as unexpected surprise, drawing the attention of the first channel of Radio Rai, which dedicated an extensive interview to us, relaunching the Artnuances Gallery initiative throughout Italy.

🪄 Our thanks
Obviously our thanks goes to the artists, who with their works have allowed this realization, but a compliment, modestly, we also want to do it to ourselves that, through the public, we have had confirmation that we are working well, that our choices are right and push us to continue on this path, difficult, but with great satisfaction.
Finally, we also thank those who allowed us to carry out our first physical exhibition, namely the sponsors Banca Fideuram and Floritelli Cucine.

And what’s more … it is possible to buy all the paintings exhibited during “Jazz Color Jazz” also online!
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