Avinash S Pise

Temple at Side

Artist: Avinash S Pise (India)

Title: Temple at Side

Date: 2020

Medium: Acquerello su carta

Dimension (cm):

L 51


H 36


Shipping method: Ships in a Tube



Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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Temple at Side, è un lavoro di Avinash Pise.

In the background the towers of the millenary temple rise, while a short distance away separated by dense vegetation, there are simple houses. It is a typical scene of countries like India that manage to combine present and past in a small space, in a sort of temporal continuity, without one obstructing the other.

  The artist with his precise, but at the same time light, stroke and the skilful use of watercolor colors, manages to fully center this duality, these contrasts, which in reality are the same face of an ancient civilization in its progress . The stroke with which he resalises the work maintains its precise fluidity. The main elements, although nuanced, emerge clearly.

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