Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese

Ella Fitzgerald

Artist: Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese (France)

Title: Ella Fitzgerald

Date: 2012

Medium: pennarelli acrilici

Dimension (cm):

L 41


H 61


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Ella Fitzgerald, è un lavoro di Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese.

Ella Fitzgerald. È considerata una delle migliori e più influenti cantanti jazz della storia. Vincitrice di 14 Grammy, era dotata di un potente strumento vocale, che vantava un’estensione di più di tre ottave. Ella Fitzgerald has been active for 59 years selling around 40 million copies of her 70 or so albums.
She often exhibited her great ability to improvise especially in scat, a typical jazz vocal technique of which she is considered the greatest exponent of all time: her virtuosity could last over five minutes, while maintaining a perfect melodic imprint. In the latter part of her artistic career, in her concerts he often enjoyed imitating the voices of other singers: particularly successful were the imitations of Rose Murphy, Dinah Washington, Della Reese and Louis Armstrong.

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