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Virtual Exhibition

Waiting for

What you are about to enter is our first virtual exhibition.

The title “Waiting for Umbria Jazz” expresses at once a desire and a hope.
We should have held our first physical exhibition at the world-famous Umbria Jazz 2020.

The festival has been cancelled, but we have not been deterred.
We have created a virtual location where we can host the exhibition and we are inviting everyone to visit.

We are inaugurating this virtual space with Roman Nogin. He is the artist who, with his paintings dedicated to the greats of jazz, was to be one of the protagonists of our exhibition at Umbria Jazz. He is a talented Ukrainian artist, who has already won numerous awards around the world. His original way of paying tribute to the world of jazz made an impression on us, so we decided to invite him to our Gallery. His artistic vein is not limited to jazz but reaches out also to a dream-like, fairytale world with great psychological and scenic impact. Each work is accompanied by details, as in a real gallery.

To learn more, just click on the title to admire the work directly in our gallery.

We wish you a pleasant visit!