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With Zennia’s creations.

The Virtual Exhibition of Artnuances Gallery has a double function:

  • highlight each time one of the artists present in our gallery

  • explain to the public why that artist was invited.

The Artnuances Gallery has decided to dedicate its Virtual Exhibition to an African artist who is absolutely original in her creations.

Zennia, this is her stage name, is a woman who loves to tackle even difficult issues, but in a delicate and gentle way. Her works deal with themes such as the protection of nature, respect for women or others and social inclusion, with works that also start from the traditions of her land (Nigeria) and speak a universal language. The themes in themselves are not the particularity of this artist, also because they are faced by many other artists all over the world. The real artistic characteristic about her is the way in which she performs her works of hers. It can be defined as an amalgam of several techniques, painting and composition with thread and nails. Her cobwebs masterfully compose sweet female figures, or social situations or elements taken from nature. Often the color is only a complementary element, because it is her ability to build the image by fixing nails and connecting them with thin threads to give life to images that literally come out of the plane of the work. Her ability is such that seen from a distance her paintings would be excellent pictorial works, in reality the closer she is to us the more you are amazed, precisely for the unexpected construction technique.

We remind you that in our section dedicated to Virtual Exhibitions you will find the previous exhibitions.

A good view!

My style of work is dynamic, focusing on giving voice to those who are often unheard, mostly the vulnerable women and children. My artwork evokes emotions that have been drawn from my experiences as well my Igbo culture.

When I pick up my board, nails, hammer and threads to string, am well aware that my ideas, emotions, feelings and concepts formed from experience will engage a lot of mind trying to make meaning out of life. The thread I often used is timeless with an interwoven motion binding viewers to the past and present. My creation also deals on thoughts and connections using string to connect lines across time and space.

My recent work “Becoming“ depicts my personal experience in search of my dream and fulfilment in life. I used facial expressions to show through my own life’s experience, that fulfilment and self realisation is possible. And so we are not left helpless at the mercy of our difficulties and limitations which leads to depression and sometimes suicide. There is hope we derive from our resolve on never giving up. Also, I’m currently exploring a new medium of installation with strings and nails, highlighting the contemporary issues of climate change among the vulnerable groups especially in Lagos Nigeria were I live andwork.

Art remains the only way through which I share my thoughts and ideas with the aim to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

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