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Virtual Exhibition

Tribute to Ukraine

the Ukrainian artists of our gallery.

These days we are witnessing the unjustified and unjustifiable invasion of a sovereign nation like Ukraine by another sovereign nation like Russia. What is happening goes against any rule of peaceful coexistence and is even more incomprehensible because it is made between two populations that have been united by blood and cultural ties for centuries.

Our Gallery has among its artists four expressions of Ukrainian contemporary art, a sign of our appreciation for these artistic expressions. We have therefore decided to dedicate this virtual exhibition does not have a specific artist, but to this small community present in the Artnuances Gallery. Fortunately, art is supranational and culturally involves all those who want it without any discrimination.

We have welcomed and will continue to welcome artists from all over the world, but in this historical juncture we would like in our small way to give a voice to those who currently do not have a voice. We are not against anyone, because art is brotherhood, but at the same time it must also be an expression of freedom. That freedom that a great nation is imposing on a much smaller nation with a wicked act.

The artists present in this special exhibition are:

Natasha Perekhodenko

Oleksandr Serdiuk

Roman Nogin

Yaroslav Leonets

To learn more, just click on the title to admire the work directly in our gallery.
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