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Nostalgia. Tuscan emotions, with Tatiana Zhezmer’s digital works.

This time the Artnuances Gallery has decided to dedicate its Virtual Exhibition to a Russian artist “Tatiana Zhezmer”. This artist is an esteemed architect, who in the course of her professional life has developed and commissioned projects for important villas and as many public buildings and even a museum, the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow.

The very nature of her work meant that the use of the computer became essential, but not necessarily artistic, even if now even the construction of buildings has its dignity not only in the architecture, but also in its purely aesthetic profiles and therefore artistic.

Tatiana wanted to experiment and therefore go beyond planning made by lines and curves, and wanted to probe her own abilities and that of the machine in being able to realize what her eyes and her feelings captured during her Italian stays.

Tatiana Zhezmer together with her partner, also a successful architect, have made numerous trips to Italy, a land they love deeply, precisely because of the enormous presence of architectural and artistic aspects, which tell a good part of the ancient and recent history of the world. . However, this does not distract her from knowing how to appreciate the landscape and natural aspect that Italy offers in a multitude of nuances, and here she has decided to develop works that remind her of the sensations experienced in a land that more than others she has left. in her a sign: Tuscany.

To do this, she was not satisfied with photographing the panoramic views she was able to admire, she is also a skilled photographer, which in itself would not have had particular originality, albeit appreciable in the artistic field, but she tried, and we would say with great success, to relive it all through the use of a computer and one of its graphics programs, while keeping intact all the creativity and we would also say the “brushstroke” inherent in his artistic skills.

Therefore, the paintings that you can admire in our Virtual Gallery were born, made on the computer, but which seem to all intents and purposes made in oil on a classic canvas.

Giving “brushstrokes” with such ability, albeit assisted by software, is not a foregone conclusion. The creators of the software themselves were impressed by how the artist managed to master, to the point of making the viewer lose the real basis of the work. Knowing how to reconcile fat brushstrokes with other delicate ones exactly as you would with oil colors, is one of the things you don’t expect when building a virtual painting. To all this, add the fundamental element, without which a painting would be a simple composition of colors: sentiment. It is easy to find this last element, because it can be seen in the cut of the images, in the elements that have been highlighted. Here this is digital art, here we understand how this has full right to exist in a world where until recently only painting and sculpture to which photography has been added for just over a century were considered such. We wish you to enjoy this exhibition and its author.

Tatiana Zhezmer

An architet in Art. Zhezmer Tatiana was born in Moscow, Russia, she graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture. Tatiana is an architet, she works in Russia, Italy and Czech Republic. Her projects include apartment, buidings, shopping malls, medical centers and and interior designs of private and public spaces. Among Tatiana’s buidings is the famous Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow, Russia. Tatiana Zhezmer authored researches in the History of Architecture. Besides architectural projects, Tatiana experiments with digital arts.

Tatiana Zhezmer, occasionally leaves her profession as an established architect, to devote herself to her other passion which is art.
In her work, she managed to find the ideal junction point between the profession and the artist: the computer. With the computer he creates his projects, but also his works.
In them the fusion is imperceptible. The wise use of graphic programs, to an inexperienced person, disappear, behind what seem to be real brush strokes. Thus landscapes, panoramas or glimpses of cities are born, all strictly digital, but equally original.
Love for Italy exudes from every painting, the Tuscan hills or Venice, explode in all beauty from Tatiana’s works. So far, his innate confidentiality has limited the number of those who have been able to appreciate his creations, but also with the collaboration with the Artnuances Gallery, those who appreciate the skills of this digital artist are growing day by day.

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