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Virtual Exhibition

Unknown worlds

With Susan Gilli’s paintings.

The Virtual Exhibition of Artnuances Gallery has a double function:

• highlight each time one of the artists present in our gallery

• explain to the public why that artist was invited.

On this occasion the artist to whom we have dedicated the Virtual Exhibition is Susan Gilli, an American painter; we could say an artist lent to medicine.
Her career was in a completely different direction, having graduated and practicing the medical profession for a few decades, until her fate changed the cards on the table, making her rediscover her youthful passion as a painter.
Art can have many aspects in itself, but among the fundamental ones, there is the need to externalize one’s feelings and thoughts. Susan, through her paintings, exposes her intuitive creativity, starting from the colors and following a path that at the beginning of each painting of her is absolutely obscure.
What these explorations lead her to is easily verified by admiring the paintings exhibited in this exhibition.
We can find ourselves in front of a clash between galaxies or the depths of the sea, but above all an encounter with our ego and our imagination.
For our Gallery it is a source of pride to be able to exhibit works by artists such as Susan Gilli, because they are the demonstration of how the flame of art can beat in every heart, regardless of the profession for which it is intended.
So you are welcome to come in and enjoy this new exhibition.
We remind you that in our section dedicated to Virtual Exhibitions you will find the previous exhibitions.
A good view!

I’m not sure where my inspiration comes from. It’s mostly intuitive. I begin painting with nothing in mind but the choice of colors I wish to use.

Even though my paintings would be considered abstract, they really aren’t entirely so. I try to give the viewer something to relate to. They might see a shape or form to which they can relate to.

Of course, they might “see” something in a piece  which is entirely of their own vision.

My biggest obstacle has been to remain free in my thinking and choices of color. I tend to “fall back” into realism and constantly  struggle to prevent that from happening. I’m going back and forth between acrylics and oil and cold wax and still deciding which I prefer!

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