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Intersecting worlds  


Natasha Perekhodenko’s paintings.

Artnuances Gallery in this new Virtual Exhibition proposes another artist whose paintings have caught our attention: Natasha Perekhodenko.

She was born in the Ukraine in the city of Lugansk in 1974, she graduated from the Lugansk State Art College in 1994, specializing in “Decorative Art”. She graduated from the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Art in 1999, she attended the specialization in “Monumental-decorative art”.

Since 2001 she has been a member of the association of the Kharkov section of the Union of Ukrainian artists.

She has a very respectable palmares and has already made many exhibitions around the world, especially in the Far East where her works are particularly appreciated.

Now let’s try to present the works of this young artist.

Her paintings are the vision of a parallel world or of what our universe experienced millions of years ago. The play of colors and shapes of her, sometimes suffering, sometimes imbued with great serenity, seem like snapshots taken during those very long phases of evolution.

Giant volcanoes, primeval oceans, molten magma that collides with rough seas, everything suggests that nature and her transformation are at the center of Natasha Perekhodenko’s artistic attention.

This intertwining of shapes and colors struck our attention and led us to invite this artist to exhibit in the Artnuances Gallery.

The art of her abstract her in reality could be considered a landscape of other eras, the same refinement and attention with which the forms take place in her works show how there is at the origin an extreme attention in composing the work itself. It is not a meaningless creation, a chance of destiny or a fortuitous combination, but at the base there is a work of developing the idea and its composition, which are clearly without any shadow in these paintings.



The general concept of my works is the contemplation and meditation of the world as a self-discovery through this world.
Searching for answers to the questions: what is this – that we see, who are we, what is the space and what the time.

My abstract landscapes – an experiment with the transformation seen in the emotional imagination. Where space, scale, objects, surfaces and proportions are not subject to common rules. They are relative and conditional. They can easily be broken, allowing the viewer to think about what might be outside of these laws.

Landscape without borders in the imagination, a landscape in the landscape. Microcosm in the macrocosm.What everyone wants to see and can see. My suggestion – just one of the possible interpretations of the landscape.Trying to penetrate though the distance and time. To see what is beyond the conditional, conventional “line of horizon”.

From the catalouge  “Breeze Blowing through the Birch Forest”

Since ancient time, many artworks are created to describe the eternity of time, however the young female painter Ukraine, Natasha, created this oil painting “Long voyage”, which brings us a brand new dreamy feeling, it is fresh, pure, and transparent. There are the ancient mountains, the isolated desert, the ocean, the islands, the sky and the floating clounds in the picture. The reflection of the floating clouds in the water makes the whole picture very peaceful. Seemingly it is telling wordlessly an ancient fairy tale that has been around the tens of millions of years. The top of the mountain is shaped as spirals, which looks like two conch fossils. When the sea breezes throungh, they make the “oooh” sounds and become the accompaniment music of the wonderful fairy tales. Their appearance, happen to point out the painter’s attempt to describe the theme, which is the endless variation of the long history around the universe. The painter polishes the colors on the canvas again and again, to make the oil painting full of rich texture and layers like a grinding painting. In parts, like the part of the island, she uses the shaft of the pen to make at more like a natural cracks texture, as well as the effect of a woodblock painting. The flowing trace of the turpentine oil on the picture makes the texture on the off-white mountains nobler like marbles. Natasha’s sketching is masterstroke. The two deformed cones break the balance between the horizon and the sky. The carefully arranged dark-colored fragmented texture looks as if it is casually painted, which makes the picture looks unstable as if there in movement there. Furthermore, it conncts with the whirlpool lines in the sky, which marvelously evolved into the music that is above two dimensions. The white linein the water connects with the come-shaped mountains and the ovals in the water, it i sas if a music conductor waves his baston and stabilized the whole picture. This is classic technique of modern painting, rational abstraction.

She uses the method that symbolizes sentiment to express her own feelings. It can be found from herethat her painting techniques are very skillful, its shape is not only in decorating style but also features a very strong sense of painting. It is planar, however does not lose its thickness. It is simple, however contains complicated variations. The theme looks as if it is straight and simple, however in fact deep. It shows the painter’s pure unique European cultural characteristics, which is very interesting. Moreover, it also represents the bright sunshine, the ocean and the mountains of Crimes peninsula in her heart, it i sas if it’s singing a beautiful poetic fairy song for the audience.


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