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The Ghost in the Machine

by Lee Balan’s art digital works.

Lee Balan’s artistic philosophy:

Arthur Koestler wrote a book in 1967 called, The Ghost in the Machine.” It was about the duality of Mind and Body. It was a prescient book. Today the Ghost often refers to an entity inside the computer. I create art in search for answers. I seek The Ghost in the Machine.

For the last fifteen years I have explored the possibilities of Digital Art. Earlier in my career I concentrated on Assemblage Art, Collage, and Painting. I have always loved images. As a child my constant companion was television. My first solo exhibition was called Primalism. I used paints, epoxy resin, and plastic sheets. Primalism was an exploration into the roots of human consciousness.

Today, I use photography and digital applications to search for The Ghost in the Machine. I use virtual tools and filters the same way a painter uses brushes and paints. I am driven by inspiration. I start with an idea and use digital tools to explore elaborations and modifications. I am fascinated with distortion, reflection, and refraction. The “machine” accommodates. I cannot fathom a better way to find the “ghost.” In the process I discover new aspects of Nature and Reality. The machine helps me see the world through new eyes.I am fascinated by the effects of new technology on society. A double edge sword exists: the promises and benefits of the New and the dangers of misuse. I search for The Ghost in the Machine in order to understand the technological world, the world of Today and Tomorrow. 

Artnuances Gallery, has decided to dedicate this exhibition to this American artist who, despite his wise age, demonstrates with his works that he is able to deal with very contemporary issues if not even advanced philosophy, much more than his younger colleagues. his computer-made works, we could never imagine the artist behind them. We were struck by the absolute contemporaneity of his works, by the original way in which he presents them and precisely by the themes, which still escape many, but are now central to everyday life.

We often adapt to technology, without a minimum of criticism. Before computers and social networks have now changed our life, our rhythms and above all our sociality. The latter in particular has grown out of all proportion in terms of the number of contacts, but has also fallen out of proportion in terms of content and depth of the topics. Lee in the search for him wants to understand if inside the machines, on the social networks there is the soul of man and to what extent. We could venture a parallelism with the Italian writer Pirandello, who at his time investigated human behavior and the thousand faces represent the same subject in different situations. The search for the human being at the same time.

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