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Digital Wonders  

With Denis Barry’s digital paintings.

The Virtual Exhibition of Artnuances Gallery has a double function: to highlight each time one of the artists present in our gallery and to illustrate to the public why that artist was invited.

On this occasion, the artist to whom we dedicated the Virtual Exhibition is Denis Barry, an American engineer, with a passion for art.

His unmistakable style of him comes from the elaboration of fractals, that is a geometric figure that repeats itself infinitely equal to itself, on an ever smaller scale.

This could make art purists turn up their noses!

But what is art if not expressing oneself and one’s feelings, one’s sensibilities through different tools or different ways or simply using common tools in different ways.

Here Denis is teaching us exactly this: to transform a calculation or a geometric element into Art.

The result is not disputed is wonderful or rather wonderful. This was our approach to his works, without any prejudice whatsoever, letting ourselves be guided exclusively by sensations.

We are extremely happy to have Denis with us, because it is in the variety that you can find news and open minds and we would even say eyes.

So you are welcome to come in and enjoy this new exhibition.

We remind you that in our section dedicated to Virtual Exhibitions you will find previous exhibitions.

A good view!


My art career grew out of my work as a draftsman… making construction and isometric drawings. I began to feel that such drawings were pleasing to my eye.  This led me to conclude that the right collection of point, line, and plane, with color added, could be artistically rendered.

Although some of my pieces have been planned, lately I approach many with little thought about the final product.  From this inspiration, I turn to each image with an open mind, begin with a stroke, or a geometric object, and then work to develop the point, line, and plane into a composition. Also, as the image develops, there is the challenge of adding the right composition of color, to create a satisfying image to my mind’s eye.

This desire to invert, displace, and change objects, while creating, led me from paper and canvas toward learning to develop fractal images on the computer.  A canvas has to be discarded or over-painted and started over if an image develops poorly, but the computer allows one to readily back up, remove, or morph that which has become incorrect for the composition while maintaining what has developed.

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We wish you a pleasant visit!