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Territorios Introspectivos with
Aza-Ramirez Marcela’s paintings

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The series of pictorial pieces entitled “Introspective Territories” describe through color and abstract narrative the emotional paths traveled, the fragmented areas of experience, which for the artist translate into fertile lands for creation.

When Marcela enters herself, she becomes the observer, the Object / subject, who interprets her own sensitivity in images and with an internal gaze, she forces herself to refine her own history. She translates events into emotions that she pictorially depicts. In her creative Universe there are no predetermined rules, each piece is autonomous, each work acquires character in the process.

Her work is linked to concern for a specific social reality and is affected by it: by violence, inequality, crisis. And looking at existence through its own internal cosmos, its work acquires the character of armor, of a spiritual shell that surrounds it.

Paradoxically, the introspection that leads her to this intimate monologue also allows her to find the language that connects her with the other, her fellow man. A finding through pigments, stains, textures that result in a pictorial work in which emotions float and permeate the environment where they are exposed.

In the artist’s words – This result of recognizing oneself in others is possible because despite the differences and discriminations in terms of species, race, religion, we have more sensitive points in common, emotions such as compassion, solidarity, aesthetic sensitivity , that unites us and unifies us as a species.

Aza Ramirez Marcela retraces her sensations and feelings by pouring them onto the canvas, now with dark settings where color is a sort of flash in the night, other times as bright sunny days, where nature shows off its best colors.
It is his way of experiencing the world, with all its social and emotional contradictions.
Unfortunately in this particular historical period, negative events have taken over and this is felt in a very painful reading. The colors on the canvas collide like a stormy sea, but in the end it is the viewer who decides which element to predominate in his vision.
Artnuances believes in this artist and her works and hopes that the public will also appreciate her in all her artistic fervor.

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