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Reflecting Life  

With Arpita Gaidhane’s paintings.

Artnuances Gallery in this new virtual exhibition proposes another artist whose paintings have caught our attention: Arpita Gaidhane.

She was born and resides in India in Bangalore. She is an eclectic artist, who in addition to painting is also dedicated to poetry and music and thanks to her religious studies, also to philosophy. You did not have an easy childhood, even heavier in a universe like India. This great nation is characterized by numerous problems, first of all the subdivision into castes, the numerous religions and unfortunately the female subjection that still affects many regions of this billion-person subcontinent.

Despite having lived through these difficulties, Arpita manages to bring out all her positivity and desire for life and transmits it in her works. With them she tries to stir people’s consciences by addressing very deep and current issues: such as the female condition and violence, which according to her can be resolved by man by savoring what Mother Nature makes available to us every day.

She has participated in various events both at home and abroad with excellent results and has been noticed by the Artnuances Gallery for the particularity of her works and a selection is in this Virtual Gallery.

On the plate under each work, in addition to the title, there is a link to the card, where you can view all the features of the work of your interest.

‘Reflecting Life’ is a smattering of experiences frozen in time, from the artist’s point of view. Living on the colourful intersection of femininity, queerness, being brown and of mixed caste in the global south, she has a quirky, often dark take on the present times. It is a time of violence, overt and covert. It is a time of presenting the appearance of saccharine sweet ‘happiness’ to a vast audience of profit-oriented bots. It is a time of exploiting the feminine – whether she shows up as nature or humanity.

Yet, hope glimmers at the edges of this sordid tale. Another revolution around the sun, another day and night, another chance to reclaim ourselves as the complex, loving children of nature that we are. Returning to childhood and nature as homing points, the artist hopes again and again, painting with blood and tears. These paintings, painted directly with fingers onto canvas, tell a dark story indeed, but it is, like the best that life has to offer, a love story at the end of the day.

The exhibit begins with the stormy potential of contained passion, flowing into the wonderland of childhood magic, where colours appear brighter against the secure golden net of innocence. Set on the other side of this Ofrenda are the lines of fate, the inevitable dance of light and dark that every life must encounter in the journey towards death. It is a prescience of what is to come ahead.

The balance of light and dark soon shifts towards the violence of a claustrophobic life, where resilience struggles against the chains of patriarchy and the abuse of power. In the name of status quo, the feminine is raped and plundered, and trapped within the rules and limitations of propriety. The unbearable glass ceiling stitches lips together, stunting expression and evoking horror.

Amidst this gory dance of life without the rosy lenses, Nature sleeps. She sleeps in twilight, surrounded by her calm and vibrant elements, waiting with patience, watching with awareness. Even as the trapped violence echoes in the act of childbirth, nature hopes. Her resilience sings with the cry of the newborn, her optimism rings with the loving comfort of the womb.

Flowering hope and joy abound as the cycle comes to a close, the heart that loves life returning to the potential of passion even as the storm threatens the pain, anger and violence that live in the shadow of every light.

‘Reflecting life’ reflects light and love. It reflects resilience and regeneration. As years add greys to the scalp, wrinkles fold against eyes that shine with the soul of a life that is lived. Sometimes, there is no external exhilaration or ecstasy. Sometimes, the colours of life herself offer a palette so vivid, that living through the rollercoaster of every single day is its own reward. It is a reward that warms the heart in a way that all the likes and comments in the world could aspire to, but never achieve. Life is her own gift.

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