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Giovanni Crisostomo’s paintings

In his long professional experience, the artist has had the opportunity to attend great masters both in Italy and abroad, which allowed him to improve his art.
His works have an unmistakable personality and style.
He takes inspiration from the currents of the great French painters of the second half of the 19th century and from the Futurism of the early 20th century. Two great schools to which contemporary art often turns. In the case of Giovanni Crisostomo, there is a fusion and an original evolution of these two artistic movements, which allows him to create with an unmistakable and original style and at the same time to enter into very different themes. His paintings recall the artistic windows of churches, where elements of various colors and shapes meet to create complex figures, a kind of large puzzle.

The recovery of the myth, as carried out by Giovanni Crisostomo in his canvases, is perhaps the most amazing and fascinating element in the work of this artist. Far from being resolved in a purely nostalgic gaze towards the past, the almost archaic suggestions that emerge from his balanced and serene compositions are rather living and real symbols of a present that should already be part of our daily life, if only we knew how to live it. In a certain sense, we can see a controversy with reality that finds its solution in artistic creation as a yardstick for the aspirations of every human being.
Among the decorative filigrees of oriental flavor, and the delicate luminous tones that underline the rhythm, the proposals that live on the border between reality and fantasy stand out, barely hinted at with an elegant stroke. Wrapped in an air of mystery and at the same time silently present, they appear naked with musical silhouettes. Crisostomo, through a process of synthesis, whose starting point is always reality, manages to remove occasional details from the episodes chosen as the theme, transforming an image, a scene, perhaps commonly experienced, into a pictorial theme.
The themes of his paintings are not rhetorical, but fresh. They have all the agility of modern painting, they are chosen with careful and concentrated care, and in them the entire existence leaves an intimate mark.
The images in his painting, sometimes figurative and sometimes abstract, aim at harmony, as Matisse defined it. That is, the identification of the lyrical, poetic essence of the image, so as to make a form that decorates life.
He tells us everything with color, chosen with careful wisdom: his chromatic balances are not attempts, but applications of knowledge. And the cultural references are not of manner, but values ​​lived as true achievements in the path of the history of painting, which must not be ignored, therefore expressed with the conviction of the need for a balanced and autonomous relationship with tradition. And so his overall work is held together by a constant design process that leads to the achievement of pictorial values ​​that are clarified and defined each time and come back summarized in the next work in a process of progressive reduction and synthesis.

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