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Virtual Exhibition

India – between nature and religion

With the Pise spouses’s paintings.

A lady with sunflower

The Virtual Exhibition of Artnuances Gallery has a double function:

  • highlight each time one of the artists present in our gallery

  • explain to the public why that artist was invited.

On this occasion, the artists to whom we dedicated the Virtual Exhibition is Avinash and Arundhati Pise.

These two artists, husband, and wife have two very distinct styles, with which they tell different aspects of their great country, India.
We have Avinash who prefers scenographic panoramas, in which abstract art blends with the colors of nature and therefore with Indian philosophy, who loves to see colors in every aspect of society, not only as a lively element but as a language. And Arundhati, who on the contrary has dedicated a series of works to lighthouses, those towers that are often erected in isolated areas, near ports or to signal dangerous shores to sailors and to a series of purely religious aspects, to which Indians culturally hardly they know how to escape.
These two artists struck us for the originality with which they deal with rather widespread themes in the art world and in particular in the Indian one. Indeed it is important to underline how in Indian art, even if the abstract genre has been cleared for a long time now, almost all artists dedicate part of their creativity to keeping the religious aspect unchanged and giving continuity. Which in other parts of the world is increasingly limited.

In itself one might think that he lives in a lost world, made of music, of genuine feelings, in reality, his paintings hide a much more serious and grave situation.

So you are welcome to enter and enjoy this new exhibition, we invite you to look carefully at their works and you will be amazed at how many facets will come out of it.

We remind you that in our section dedicated to Virtual Exhibitions, you will find the previous exhibitions.

A good view!

Avinash S Pise: “I look around and I am amazed… Amazed and awestruck by the most stunning masterpiece ever created- Nature. It is not just a source of inspiration but an artist’s paradise. I have embraced it with all my heart and have admired it through my paintings. These abstract artworks are my way of expressing my love for nature through the colors of my imagination and creativity. I have portrayed how I see nature, not with my eyes but with my mind and heart. My painting is all about light and how we see it and react to it. It is what drives artists. It is why most of us paint. Yet light can be as elusive as a wisp of smoke as we try to capture it in all its many moods. My brush is never still. ​For me, painting is as much a part of the day as eating and sleeping. In fact, it’s more important than that, more like breathing! I could not imagine a single day passing without talking about, reading about, or actually taking part in some kind of activity concerning art. Like a moth is drawn to a flame, a painter is drawn to the light, and although I have tried to express myself with painting in many different forms, mediums, and styles over the years, my path has led me inexorably, like so many others before me, to try and capture that elusive quality of light, that only a shimmering sunset, the dawn of a new day, the dazzling sparkle of reflection off both sea and river presents to one who is prepared to both look and see. Avinash’s style is bold and vigorous, both in the use of Oil and handling of paint, as he explores the effect of light on his subject. Seeking atmosphere through light and color, he works in varying degrees of abstraction.”

Arundhati is an Indian artist who was born in 1991 in Devrukh, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. He attended the Devrukh College of Art& Design, which placed a great emphasis on creativity and the development of the child. It was a rich environment that developed a love of drawing with Oil Colors, Acrylic, and painting in watercolor, Oil Color, and Print Making. Arundhati also discovered a love of printmaking things.
By the time Arundhati reached high school, his interest in art and art history language seemed to be pointing him in the direction of Realistic Paintings like Portraits and portraiture. At this time It seemed to him that the only way to make a career in art was to work at a commercial art studio.
His work from this time is semi-abstract, continuing the theme of Feminism and its complex relationship to the world.
Over the last 5 years, Arundhati has had several exhibitions of her work in Indias Parts like Delhi, Goa, Pune, Rajasthan, and more. His painting from this time examines the impact of mining on the Indian landscape. Her interest in Large painting expression has now extended to a love of painting on Large Canvas.
Arundhati is happily married and lives in Pune with a Baby, a Husband Artist Avinash, and much more canvases.

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