Exhibition CICATRICI – rivelate


Exhibition CICATRICI – Rivelate

Yesterday, 2 March 2024, the preview of the CICATRICI – Rivelate® exhibition was inaugurated.

The exhibition, conceived by Simona Laudani who is also president of the “Prenditi Cura di Te ODV” association, presents photos of 17 wonderful women, who have had to face exceptional situations such as tumors or accidents. Cicatrici Rivelate® brings, in its visual concept, both an internal and external interpretation. For this purpose, 17 diptychs were presented consisting of their self-timer photos alongside those taken by a young professional photographer – Simone Rossi – with the collaboration of the Art director – Federico Gentilini. This way of expressing their experience is to send a sign of hope and positivity to the world, wanting to show how before a normality there is an equally normal after, albeit in the presence of a difficult transition. The large audience that attended the occasion made it a success and we hope that this event will be repeated initially in Italy, but will also find wide acceptance abroad. The public must become familiar with this aspect of life, which could involve everyone at any moment in life in an unexpected way, but this does not mean it must become a physical or psychological barrier both for those who suffer it and for those close to them.

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