The curators of the Artnuances Gallery have chosen to dedicate a section to artists who work with collage. Collage is a very particular art form, which requires, in addition to imagination and artistic ability, also a strong sense of the scout.

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Among thousands of images, the artist has to select those details that he will use through design and creativity. Then, he creates an entirely new and unrepeatable work. Here constructive ability also requires particular manual skills, in knowing how to define with the utmost precision the element that will then merge with other elements taken from the most disparate sources.

Contemporary art, and consequently Artnuances Gallery, could not fail to include artists who have dedicated their genius to these works.
In addition to the elements transported in the work, the pictorial qualities also remain and are enhanced.

Also for these works the Artnuances Art Gallery aimed for the best possible visibility by dedicating a specific presentation to each one, inviting artists who know how to transmit sensations and emotions.