Yury Pervushin

Pervushin Yury was born in 1970 in Nalchik.
In 1989 he graduated from the I. Szadr Sverdlovsk Art School.
In 1995, he graduated from the St. Petersburg Academic Institute of Painting, Architecture and Sculpture named after I. Repin (workshop of Prof. A.A. Pakhomov).
In 1995, he trained at the Higher National School of Fine Arts in Paris (atelier of painting, Prof. B. Piffaretti, atelier of engraving, Prof. J.-P. Tanguy).
In 1995 he became a laureate of a competition dedicated to N. Poussin (organizers of the competition: National Museum of the Louvre, Museum of Modern Art, Paris, LVMH). Pervushin Yury lives and works in St. Petersburg.
He is the member of more than 100 solo and joint exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Museum collections: Benois Museum (State Museum of Fine Arts “Peterhof”), State Museum of Fine Arts, Yekaterinburg, collections of contemporary art CEH “Manege”, St. Petersburg, Museum of Modern Art, Sosnovy Bor, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain, Museum contemporary Russian art, New Jersey, USA, Vress Municipal Arts Center, Belgium, National Art Museum of the Republic of Sakha, Yakutsk. Private collections: Russia, The Netherlands, France, USA, Canada, Finland, Austria, Germany, The Great Britain, Poland, China, Egypt.

Participated in over 50 international expositions.
1993 Personal exposition Municipal Cultural Centre, Vresse, Belgium
1995 Exposition of N.Poussin International Contest laureate “Carroussel de Louvre” Gallery, Paris
1996 Personal exposition Museum of Fine Arts, Ekaterineburg; Pont Neuf Gallery (Md. B. Chirac Association), Paris
1997 “Cross Roads” The State Benoit Family Museum, Peterhof; Personal Exposition State A. Ajhmatova Museum St. Petersburg.
1998 Consulate General of Russia, Washington; “KEP” Gallery, New York
The State M. Voloshin Museum “Koktebel”, Simferopol; Art-Collegia Gallery, St. Petersburg
“Form of Play” Personal exhibition. The State F.Dostojevsky Museum, St. Petersburg
“Contemporary Russian Avant Garde 1958-1998”, Nizhny Novgorod.
Contemporary Russian Art Centre, Moscow, Paris, New York.
1999 Personal expositions “Sofort Druck” Gallery, Tubbingen, Germany. Exposition Art Gallery, Imatra, Finland
2000 Exposition Art Gallery, Imatra, Finland.
2004 Exposition OD’Art Gallery, Delft, The Netherlands.
2004 Exposition Gallery Goda, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Yury Pervushin is a genius of the white (acrylic on large size canvas), in which the study and the representation of the detail, with which he is fascinated at the moment, are prevailing over everything else. Virtually It is as using different macro images, progressively repeating the same subject till to bring the main traits to disappear, to work later on the details. At the end these are reassembling again, with different nuances of colour, till to rebuild an abstract image of a great fascination, belonging to an oneiric and rarefied world. You can see this in the series of sunflowers and breakwaters.