Yuliya Ankuda

Yuliya6 an

Ankuda Yuliya, born on June 14, 1995 in Slutsk, Belarus. In 2010, I graduated from my hometown art school and then moved to the capital, Minsk. There, I enrolled in the “A.K. Glebov” State Institute of Art, the most prestigious school in my country. During the years of study, I completely immersed myself in the world of art, attending theoretical and practical lessons and at the same time participating in various exhibitions in Belarus and also in other parts of Europe, such as for example in Bulgaria, in the meantime I have used the painting “En plein air”.
To continue to improve professionally in this area, in 2016 I moved to Italy with the aim of enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. In 2020 I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.
From 2017 until today, I participated in the annual Art Night event organized by the university.