Svistova Irina

viewer unique. Graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute. From 1981 to 1999 she worked as an architect at architectural studio “Mosproekt-4”. Designer Lyceum “Ark XXI”. Member of the Union of Architects since 1988.

Painting on canvas is normal, painting on fabric is particularity. The artist moves on several fronts, from landscape to dreamlike, from still life to portrait. In each one, he manages to offer a different vision of the world and demonstrate her different sensibilities. From the fog that surrounds a country to a flight of colorful birds in a winter city, arriving at a colorful field of red poppies. Each work has its own history, nothing repeats itself, each image offers its particular sensations. Even the rare human figures, be they simple girls or sacred images, transmit unique sensations, offering the viewer unique and original ideas.


1992 “Children and Dolls”, Ludwigshafen, Germany.

1992 “Easter Exhibition”, Biblis, Germany

1998 Personal exhibition, Oberramstadt, Germany

2001-20017 “Spring Exhibitions”, Union of Architects, Russia.

2005 Personal exhibition in the gallery “On Sandy”.

2005 Personal exhibition in the “Fund of Culture”, Moscow.

2005 Personal exhibition in the museum-estate “Arhangel’skoe”

2013, 2017 Personal exhibition in the Club of Architects.

  1. Personal exhibition “Cities on Silk” in the club “Perspective”.

2017, 2019 Exhibitions in the Concert hall “Podmoskovie” .