Susan Gilli

I am a mixed-media artist. I incorporate collage elements in both acrylics and in oil and cold wax. Painting is something that gives me both joy and many challenges. Lately, I have been concentrating my efforts on oil and cold wax. I find this medium allows me to be less constrained and more creative. I never use a paintbrush with this medium, just a palette knife and a catalyst. My main purpose is to allow the viewer to connect emotionally with my abstract work. If I can achieve a “second look” through design and color, I’ve met my goal.

I attended the Lighthouse School of Art and Design in NY where I received the basics in all art mediums. I also took coursework at The Philadelphia College of Art and Montclair State College in NJ. I entered the medical field as a respiratory therapist in where I worked for seventeen years. This was the total opposite of anything creative, but still very rewarding. I retired due to the need for a kidney transplant and this brought me back full circle to my art, which I’ve devoted myself to since.

I’ve exhibited locally in juried shows in NJ, PA, and NY. I’ve won numerous awards for my work. Just recently I was awarded Best Abstract in the BoldBrush monthly online contest.