Sandro Perelli

Sandro PERELLI was born in Jesi in 1954, he graduated as a master of art at the state institute of art in Rome which today takes the name “Enzo Rossi,” with the teaching of already established artists such as Carlo Lorenzetti, Giuseppe Uncini and Ranocchi beyond the supervision of Enzo Rossi himself, distinguished director.
Artist by vocation he immediately began to perform as a painter and jazz saxophonist. He studies music with the American courses of Umbria Jazz and private jazz schools in the capital. He performs several concerts in the Roman area with his jazz group and creates musical performances in art exhibitions and in festivals on the road. Of himself he says: “For years I have been conducting a pictorial research in the field of the representation of the great performers and authors of Jazz music. Following with particular attention, in addition to those who have determined history, also those who have created new musical trends to the point of being an avant-garde in full break with the past. ”
His action is not only stylistic but also with particular political contents, see the American racial problem. It is no coincidence that jazz is to be considered a music with African American origins. For all this .. “I love to create my exhibitions through the production of paintings on canvas with acrylic colors and graphics, in any case, finished with manual interventions. An essential graphic, composed of a single sign of varying thickness, which determines the three-dimensionality of the image, avoiding the typical Leonardo nuance. Being a jazz composer and performer myself, with my saxophones I create at the same time a performance with pieces of my composition plus others that are jazz authors that I represent and prefer. I have found particular appreciation for my visual arts production also on the occasion of Jazz concerts enriched by special projections of my creations. My work is stimulated by the great energy that jazz transmits. My works elaborate and capture these emotions in the salient moments and in the musicians represented. The proposed exhibition with Jazz performance makes my intention to combine image and music at the same time. You can see an evolution in my pictorial work starting from a single sinuous sign that composes the image with the intervention of a straight line intentionally inserted to destabilize a visible balance. This is followed by portraits repeated in sequence with the intervention of bright colors that increase the color contrasts in order to highlight the message relating to the strength of the musicians and jazz music. Representations with other materials are added in the research …
Recent exhibition events:
2022 – Pocket Art Studio Rome – Mediterranean reverberations.
CATALOG ⁃ Euro Expo Art -Romagna fiere – VI and V edition of 2021 in Forlì plus performance at the Sax in 2019
CATALOG 2021/22 – First Biennial of Contemporary Art of the Murgia – Future Memory Environment – Cassano delle Murge – Altamura- Gravina in Puglia- Matera.
CATALOG 2021 – Crocetti Museum Rome – Synthesis of dialogues on contemporaneity.
CATALOG 2020 – ArtPortLive Museum out Of Covid First international live online exhibition.
CATALOG 2019 – Mo.C.A. Gallery Rome – Open Art – Studio Iardino Rome – Open Art with musical performances on sax only additions. – Macro Museum Rome – Domain
CATALOG 2016 – Euro Expo Art – Romagna fairs Forlì
CATALOG – Particular performance at various Inaugurations, to which the Trento Film Festival was added in 2013 with the photographic exhibition on Turkey