Pippo Cosenza

Pippo Cosenza was born in Palermo in 1942. He graduated in Nuclear Engineering in Palermo and Sculpture Techniques at the Pietro Vannucci Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia.
He lives and works in Perugia.
Light, color, sign. To insert visual forces into a rigorously mental language, in a pictorial game between bright colors and material mixtures. And beyond the color the symbol, mysterious, almost alchemical images, which become secret symbols to be decoded. The art of Pippo Cosenza is nourished by color, matter, gesture, light, and symbol. He works the canvas with energy and gestural synthesis, through material stratifications, dilating and complicating the space with cuts and coloristic inserts. Hence, the space is no longer a perspective or physical dimension, as much as a dimension of dream, memory, and light. Pippo Cosenza mainly uses blue in its tonal possibilities, which he illuminates with luminescence and bright flashes.
New perceptive registers activate the three-dimensionality of the painting, give the pictorial work the value of shapes, and allow the viewer to perceive the complexity of a surface rich in graphics, materials, volumes, vortices, and sabers of color. With frequent solo and group exhibitions, Cosenza tends to push his artistic maturity always to do better and more. To experience all human, ideal, spiritual, and artistic onsets.

Perugia – Misericordia Church – Itinera – Two-person
Perugia – Rocca Paolina, Intra Moenia, Collective
Perugia – Rocca Paolina, Beyond the Borders, international collective
Fossombrone – Go with the wind – Elettra Gallery – collective
Fossato di Vico – Perugia – San Cristoforo, Umbria and Perugino, collective
Potenza – Provincial Art Gallery – Permeability and Fusion, Residence and Collective exhibition
Perugia – Rocca Paolina 2nd Stage, Umbria and Perugino,
Spello – Spello Collective,
Perugia – Civic Art Gallery, Umbria and Perugino,
Jesi – Jesi Collective – Palazzo Bisaccioni – The Feeling and the Mask,
Perugia – Perugia Collective – Space 121 Art – Landings and Synergies
Corciano – Corciano Collective
Perugia – Church of San Francesco – Donna Vita Libertà,
Fabriano – Fabriano Collective, Paper Museum – PaperSymphony –
Casalbordino – Collettiva Casalbordino CH – Excellence and art under the stars – residence and collective
Croatia – River – Crossings –
Perano – Palazzo Model Perano (CH) – Excellence and art under the stars
Perugia – Former Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia – Beyond the Borders,
Umbertide – collective Umbertide – Center for Contemporary Art – Crossings
Fabriano – collective Fabriano – Gallery of Arts, No Time No Space, Personal
Benevento – Benevento – Artists for art, Art Studio Gallery, San Felice monumental complex – collective