Pablo Canale

My name is Pablo Canale, I am from South America, a small city of 3 million inhabitants called Uruguay. I was born in PaysandĂș, a picturesque town of 120,000 citizens. I am 42 years old, I am a chef, parallel to art. I studied in New York and Lion France.
My beginning with art was from a very young age since my mother is an oil painter. She taught me a lot about different styles of art and different techniques.
I always aroused a lot of interest in art, but I tried to find a style for which she had a hard time. Today I can say that I have finally found it and I feel very happy. I try to express a large number of emotions and colors through my collages, I try to give life to obsolete magazines.
I manage to capture my emotions through small origami, which once assembled, how a great army manages to form a masterpiece of art. There are works that I have used more than 5000 origami. I have been lucky enough to exhibit my works in Uruguay, Italy, and Spain.