Nola Bouza

Nola Bouza


My love for art has been from me all my life, as a child I Love to draw, paint create, everything that was related to the visual, my imagination flaming intensely, but my path led me to move away from the artistic and so after a long time of disconnection I returned to my essence to dedicate my life to painting, my for being.
I try through art, my expressive engine, to create awareness of our present, our actions, and their consequences in our only la habitant, trying to bring balance to our being to tune in to the essence, I try to re-unify our land, to respect it since distraction blinds us and hides its splendor from us.
I feel that my mission as an Artist is to reconnect with our world, our roots, to rediscover its grandeur, its power, to re-appreciate each fruit, every wonder it gives us, to love it again, to love each other again, to transmit that love, respect, and joy to all the beings of our beautiful land.
My expressive means are painting and writing that constantly invite me to transmit the incredible of our universe and our inner search to come to find love first in us and then in our environment.
It is on that path that I found myself developing my own materials, friendly to the environment, made with natural ingredients to reduce the impact of art on our land, to start from what each one can contribute, so little by little I am beginning to develop colors as well as Gesso, mediums and other materials to make my art the least possible footprint with our land.


I am currently developing self-taught learning and I am continually updating myself on techniques and forms of artistic expression
-Painting workshop – Casablanca Iturria Foundation (2019-2020-2021)—–Interior Design – Natural Design (Uruguay) (2005-2007)
– Marketing Analyst – Institute of Marketing of Uruguay (2006)

  • Be more creative. National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) / February 2021
  • In the studio: Postwar Abstract Painting Museum of Modern Art New York (MoMA)/ April 2021
  • Metal Sculpture Workshop / Casablanca. Miguel Herrera 2019

– Animate Art Award (Anima Latina Art Award) – Rocca Paulina- Perugia – Italy 2022-Collective exhibition Arristas Latinoamericanos
– Menduina Schneider Art Gallery – SPECIAL MENTION OF THE JURY International Woman’s Day – Los Angeles, California- USA
– Van Gogh Art Gallery – Madrid – Spain – Collective exhibition -International Contemporary Art Fair Monaco 2021. – Monte Carlo- Monaco. Chapiteau fontevielle.
– Anima Art Award (Anima Latina Art Award) Rocca Paolina – Perugia – Italy -2021 – Collective exhibition Arristas Latinoamericanos
– New Yea r’s Eve Festival Casablanca- Fundación Iturria (December 2019 and 2020).