Natino Chirico

Natino Chirico was born in 1953 in Reggio Calabria.
After art high school he began architecture in Reggio Calabria, but soon realized that he wanted to dedicate himself totally to art and enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria. To complete his studies he moved first to Milan, then to Rome. At Brera, he follows Domenico Cantatore, while at the Academy of Rome, he is a pupil of Franco Gentilini and Arnoldo Ciarrocchi.
With a figurative background, he also breathes the lesson of informal research in the Neapolitan area and began painting at a very young age, while still a high school student. He began exhibiting in 1973, immediately highlighting a strong personality and notable artistic skills.
An artist intolerant of constraints and partnerships, his activity is entirely based on continuous research and ever-changing experimentation. Over the years he tackles different themes and techniques and tries his hand at different experiences, such as that of a designer in the world of fashion (Versace and Ken Scott) or an illustrator in the editorial field. He also collaborates with numerous large companies, for which he creates paintings, graphics, and sculptures.
After his happy pictorial debut with works in which the references to Cubism and Expressionism are evident, starting from 1977 his activity focuses on drawing, with large works in blood pencil, especially portraits and objects from the world around him, from his daily life. , in a search for oneself and one’s means of expression which leads to highly effective results.
The 1990s marked an all-out return to painting and new attention to matter and color, with large pictorial cycles dedicated first to the sea, and then to Italian cinema.
In more recent years, his great ability as a portraitist has emerged in the field of drawing, while in painting cinema remains his favorite theme: he dedicates numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad to his great protagonists.
For some time now, works that use methacrylate have also been present in his production, alone or combined with oil paint and different materials, in a happy synthesis of painting and sculpture.
His exhibition activity continues and is intense, from Reggio Calabria, Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Venice, Catania, Cosenza, Perugia, and Todi to Paris, Warsaw, Brussels, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Moscow, Sydney, Boston and Buenos Aires.
There are also many participations in group exhibitions, competitions, and prizes, as well as national and international recognition. Works by the Maestro are present in numerous museums, private collections, and institutional locations.
Natino Chirico currently lives and works between Rome and Perugia.