Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese

French by birth, Italian by adoption, Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese was a painter and designer with the following techniques:

Ink; glass painting; ceramic; drawing with a marker; collages.
She studied at the “Arts Decoratif” in Grenoble and in 1966 she settled in Italy and precisely in Rome, participating in some exhibitions in the historical period of the then very important Via Margutta.
She also exhibits via del Babuino for the “Poltrona Frau” and, again for the same, she makes a personal exhibition of objects. Via Margutta, she exhibited together with the great artists of the time: Renato Guttuso, Domenico Purificato, Maccari, and Omiccioli, with the exhibition “5 Artists for the Children’s Day”.
With the technique of painting on glass and ceramics she worked mainly with two Neapolitan architects: Giuseppe Parente and Marcello Avena, painting the following windows:
– MILAN: Rinaldi house and Barcellesi house;
– TREVIGNANO (Rome) villa Giuganino;
– ROME, Marangi house, Rossi-Aricò house; Pavilion house and the house of the actress Carmen Scarpitta;
– PORTO CERVO, “S’Inferru” nightclub;
– S. DIEGO CALIFORNIA (U.S.A.), Villa Parente; Villa Contempo; Villa Mincha; Villa Green; Villa Watcher;
– NAPLES, Casa Jacovella; Club “Il Rosolino” (for which she paints more than 80 panels with characters from the “Cafè Chantant”, in this same Club the same drawings of the characters of the stained glass windows were reproduced on all the porcelain of the Club, and for this work, she was reviewed with the related interview on the “Mattino” of Naples, Di Pietro’s house, Marotta’s house, Silvestro’s house.
For all these works on glass, she was mentioned in the monthly magazine “L’ Architettura “by Bruno Zevi, and in the” S. Diego Home Garden “in S. Diego (California) in April, May, and August of 1990. At the” Cervo Tennis Club “in Porto Cervo you made a personal exhibition of furnishings and paintings, entitled” Le poesie dans la maison “.
For the “Cerasarda” in the “Costa Smeralda” series of wall ceramics, she won a competition with two different types of “Kentia” and “Marea” tiles, still used in the most prestigious villas in the area. Also in Sardinia, she furnished the guesthouse of the “Palmera” company with decorative panels. The work of the painter Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese in the musical-descriptive field is vast.
In fact, after the artistic encounter with the musician Giampaolo Ascolese, she becomes the official painter of the “Beat Penthaflowers” record company, drawing covers of great national and international jazz musicians such as Franco d’Andrea, Enrico Rava, Steve Grossman, and Giampaolo Ascolese himself and also of classical-contemporary musicians from the same record company.
(She will resume the same activity recently by painting the covers of the two CDs of the “St. John ‘s Singer Choir” and of the first CD in her own name of the musician Elio Tatti “Tatti.-Tattoo”, for the record company “Alfaproject”).
Exhibitions 1992
ROME, Gallery “Forum Interart”, with two collective exhibitions in 1992 and a personal one in 1993, FLORENCE, collective exhibition at the “Centro Storico” gallery, VITERBO, the collective exhibition than in TIVOLI, LONDON, collective exhibition at the “Bit Art Gallery”, GRAND DUKE OF LUXEMBOURG, collective exhibition at the “Papillon des Italiens” entitled “Art over Europe”, ROME, Hotel Boston, personal exhibition
Exhibitions 1993
ROME, Saint Lous Jazz International Club, personal exhibition, ROME, “Tuttilibri” Gallery, personal exhibition, SAN REMO, Hotel “Des Etranges”, group exhibition
On the occasion of these exhibitions, Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese won several prizes:
“Targa Colosseum”, 1992; “Tivoli Town Plate”, 1992; “Viterbo City Plate”, 1993; “Oscar Award ’93 exhibition in Florence; “City Prize” with a medal awarded by the “Forum Interart” Gallery in Rome; Plaque “The Palette City of Sanremo”, 1st classified in the section “Foreign Artists”.
Her works were also published in the National Catalog “Contemporary Artists” 1993 and 1996 by the Capitoline Artistic Association, coordinated by the painter Silvio Sparaci, with the work “The Big Jazz Soul”, part of the multimedia project “Couleur Musique “.
Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese is also the author together with Giampaolo Ascolese of two multimedia projects that have been very successful in Italy in recent years and have also expatriated abroad: “Couleur Musique” and “Let it Be … atles”, in which they are described musically, in the first, very important paintings belonging to the past millennium, from Giotto to his contemporaries, passing through Leonardo da Vinci, Toulouse Lautrec, Van Gogh, Modigliani and other great artists of the various eras, and in the second project in which they are described, with a series very full-bodied with drawings and collages, the lyrics of each verse of the Beatles songs contained in the c.d. recorded with the Isoritmo group of Giampaolo Ascolese.
With these projects, Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese has also exhibited in many International Jaz festivals z, including: “The Roma Jazz Festival 1997”; “The International Jazz Festival of Cerisano”; a personal exhibition at the “Teathru Manoel” in Malta; a personal exhibition “Jazz en Tete” at the International Jazz Festival in Clermont Ferrand (France); personal exhibition “Les musiciens de jazz” in Lyon (France); personal exhibition at the Cisterna di Latina International Jazz Festival “Jazz al Palazzo”; personal exhibition at the international jazz festival of Villa Celimontana (Rome).
The most recent productions by Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese turned to the theme of ecology and therefore exhibited in Lyon (France) with the solo exhibition: “Il ètait une fois l’echologie” and, again in Lyon: “Petite Histories d ‘ O de Mer “.
In the last part of her professional activity, Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese worked with her husband Giampaolo Ascolese on another multimedia project dedicated to the great female figures of the past millennium: “Elle ’round 900”.
The paintings that represent the multimedia project “Let it Be … tles”, are contained in the DVD “Let it Be … atles”, produced together with Giampaolo Ascolese and are the only representation in drawings of the stanzas of the Beatles songs, except for the mythical cartoon “Yellow Submarine” which is, however, a cartoon.
The fact that Giampaolo Ascolese for the music performed with his group Isoritmo and Marie Reine Levrat, for his paintings, received a letter of personal compliments from Sir George Martin, the historic producer of the Beatles, for this DVD, is the most significant testimony from the uniqueness of the project.
The latest multimedia project by Marie Reine Levrat Ascolese, is dedicated to the great female figures of the past millennium, is called “Elle, Singulière, Plurièlle” and is also created together with Giampaolo Ascolese and also of this project, a DVD, published by “Lake Records.
In 2016 Marie Reine Levrat describes, with the paintings from the “Jazz en Tete” collection, the book by Giampaolo Ascolese “Tim & Tom, a Journey through Jazz Music” published by “Aracne”, and this is the last production of this great artist who, unfortunately, following a long illness, disappears in October 2020.