Lorella Pittavini

lorella pittavini

Lorella Pittavini is a fashion designer who has made art an essential behavior to enrich her work. You create these works to communicate the suggestions that fashion infuses, creating scenography for the voice of the actor Fabrizio Pinzauti, in the monologue Novecento by A. Baricco. Lorella interprets a journey in style from the 1920s to today, she has chosen to illustrate ten decades of fashion on rugs that she had made on Norwegian looms, choosing the graphics, whose regenerated organic cotton textures welcome styles and suggestions illustrated. Her works performed with mixed techniques are unusual experimentation of materials, between threads, colors, and handcrafted preciousness such as porcelain ceramics with pure gold casts.

Over thirty years of fashion spent in the company coordinating style and advancement of collections for well-known international brands. Lorella Pittavini has created a space where to welcome creative experimentation, to defend and nourish it, a place where the passion for beauty and the attitude to create is always a priority over everything. By offering her experience to talents who, like her, love art, transforming it into fashion. Her works are born in her stylistic studio where she develops creations without borders and with avant-garde experiments.