Liubka Kirilova

Liubka Kirilova was born in the Bulgarian capital Sofia where she lives and works. She graduated from the Academy of Arts, specialty in Sculpture in the class of Prof.Velichko Minekov in 1979. She is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and works in the area of monumental sculpture, portrait, and small sculpture of bronze.
Her artwork is present in public and private collections and is owned by gallerists and fans of plastic arts in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, England, USA, Canada, etc.
Monumental creations:
Ihtiman- Laurel wreath for Bratskata mogila – 1985
Ihtiman – Monument dedicated to the Russian-Turkish War for the freedom of Bulgaria аnd a portrait of a gene. Shuvalov 1986.
Bust of composer Al. Raichev – 2007 and other sculptural compositions in parks and urban areas.

The plasticity of the human form, seen in its artistic aspects, such as dance, inspires the artist’s production. The ability to underline instants with his beautiful works makes him a world-class artist.