Lackovic Ljuba

Lackovic Ljuba

Awesome strength. Born and finished Academy of Applied Art in Belgrade, Serbia (1985.) Mainly work with welded metal, but love to draw. Participant of many exhibitions.

Won Grand Prix at SNBA, Paris, 2005
First prize in Lozane (Swiss), 2006, from Olimpic Comite.

Ljuba Lackovic, knows how to instill an impressive force in all his works. The iron elements: studs, edges, cuts, under his hands merge to take precise shapes with which he transmits even more precise sensations. Whether it is an animal, a battle or even a crucifixion, the dark and twisted metal of his creations offers the viewer a new vision of known objects. It is a puzzle of metal elements, often twisted, suffering, as if time had raged over them, in reality the artist intends to emphasize how something beautiful and unique can arise from the ugly. Each fusion is a unique piece and each leads to appreciate a different aspect of the artist himself.