Johann Nußbächer

Johann Nußbäecher

Fascinating abstract paintings. Johann Nußbächer is a German artist, painter, printmaker and draftsman. With national and international exhibitions. His wide work consists of different groups of works of painting, an extensive graphic work as well as “figurative expressive” drawings. His oeuvre has a high density of creation. His most famous paintings are the “works in varnish” The newest painting group is called “Reale Fiction”. These pictures look surprisingly three-dimensional, but are actually quite flat and they are exactly like the “work in varnish” unique in the world. Born in the Upper Palatinate near Regensburg, he has been living in a former school in Spessart for over 30 years. In addition to 5 catalogs on his work, there are three television broadcasts about him.

The two series of works by Johann Nußächer: “Arbeit in Varnish” and “Reale Fiction” are fascinating abstract paintings, in which the power of colour is prevailing. It is a colour stretched out in wide paintings of the background, the colour of wonder, of the moods, that are pleased to enter the unknown, to explore different worlds.