Huan-Chuan, Li

I’m Li, Huan-Chuan, a photographer, and I was born in 1959. In 1981, I began to step into the field of photography.

In the early stage, I took a large number of portraits, with a photography experience of about 38 years. After 2012, I began to focus on artistic creation and like to explore social and cultural issues and environmental issues. My works have been extended and transformed into images based on this theme, leaving “contemporary” images for individuals, cultures and the world. In 2017,  the work – “Song of Life” was honored to be exhibited at the 12th Florence Biennale. At present, I continue to create a series of “Trees”, which mainly probes into the impact of trees on the earth’s environment. And the great contribution of “trees” in the everyday life is just like everyone’s precious existence in the world.