Frederic Durieu & Nathalie Erin

Frederic and Nathalie

Frédéric Durieu and Nathalie Erin are a couple of artists living in the Cévennes. They have developed a unique and original technique to create works. Plus, most of their paintings come to life with augmented reality. To do this, simply download the free Artivive app to your phone.
The work of Frédéric Durieu and Nathalie Erin astonishes those who discover it and delights those who know it, as much by the diversity, and the originality but especially by their unique and singular technique as well as by their poetry. Each painting tells a story or deals with a subject that is close to their hearts: Nature, Femininity, Humanity, and humor…
Each painting has a reason for being and for existing. They each conceal several levels of vision, from close to far, within, of hidden treasures, of personal interpretations. Recently, they have been using augmented reality to help us discover their works in a different way. An avant-garde vision! Their works also come in the form of installations, giant frescoes, or sets for live shows.
Frédéric Durieu, polytechnician and artist, born in Belgium (Brussels) has been using algorithmic poetry to create works of art for nearly 30 years. A pioneer in this field, he has exhibited his works in major museums such as the Center Pompidou and the Palais de Tokyo. He has also produced interactive works for Nike, and IBM, and creates sets for the Opera, to name a few. One of his latest works has just been installed at the Futuroscope in Poitiers.
Nathalie Erin, artist, musician, and singer, born in Martinique (Fort-de-France) has a great sensitivity to the world around her. She discovered and learned digital art from Frédéric Durieu. Today, they form a real pair and create their works with 4 hands.

Nathalie Erin 24 09 1963
Nationality: French
Frederic Durieu 24 06 1967
Nationality: Belgian


Frederic Durieu Polytechnic at UCL Belgium
Nathalie Erin: singing conservatory Paris


Solo Exhibitions:
2022 Baillargues Notarial Office Baillargues, France
2022 Palavas Lighthouse, Occitanie, France
2021 Palavas Lighthouse, Occitanie, France
2021 Appearance, Urban Ballad Tarascon, France
2021 Invitation to travel to the Episcopal Palace Béziers, France
2020 Hotel Mercure comedy Montpellier, France
2020 The Lighthouse Palavas, France
2019 Expo “Toile et vin”, Razel-Bec at the Halle Tropisme Montpellier, France
2019 “Invitation to Travel” at Micro Folie Narbonne, France
2019 Baillargues Notarial Office Baillargues, France
2019 Easel in the city of Saint-Martial, France
2019 The Lighthouse Palavas, France
2019 Stagecoach Montpellier, France
2019 Art Fair Villeneuve les Avignons, France
2019 Espace Saint Ravy 29/3 to 21/4 Montpellier, France
2019 Expo at Agnes b Montpellier, France
2018 Clinique Ste Thérèse exhibition in Sète with iD of Art Sete, France
2018 September 15 / October 30 – Papl’Ars-Malow Gallery Exhibition Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, France
2018 June 28 to July 16 – International Art Gallery. Swiss Village Paris, France
2018 Exhibition Cathedral of Villeneuve les Maguelone on the occasion of the 100th program “the heroes of the Vine” with Gilles Moreau and France Bleu Hérault France
2018 Cabinet de Notaires Baillargues exhibition with the ID of Arts France
2017 November 30 / December 3 – “Infinitive in the heart of the city” exhibition at Anacrouse Montpellier, France
2017 From May 24 to June 24 ART WALK IN THE CITY in Montpellier France
2011 Hair-Suit, Exhibition at the gallery Vidourle Prix Sauve, France
2010 Algorithmic Poetry, exhibition at the media library of Mérignac Mérignac, France
2010 Algorithmic Poetry Exhibition Pontonx, France
2010 Exhibition at Florida Agen, France
2010 Exhibition at the University Library of Toulouse, La Poésie Algorithmique, Toulouse, France
2010 Exhibition: Algorithmic Poetry Ambares, France
2010 Espace Pierre Cardin: installation Da Vinci code bar Paris, France
2009 15 days of algorithmic poetry, Médiathèque de Mauguio Mauguio, France

Group Exhibitions

2021 Espace Lally Béziers, France
2021 Accroch’coeur Montpellier, France
2021 Sm’Art Aix en Provence, France
2021 Art Montpellier Montpellier, France
2019 Art Shopping Paris, France
2019 Pyramid’Art Fair La Grande Motte, France
2019 Terral Cellar Saint Jean de Vedas, France
2019 The Watchtower, March 1-17 Tresques, France
2018 11 to 21 Dec – Exhibition Galerie Jules Salles Nimes with the League against Cancer Gard Nimes, France
2018 November 2/3/4 – Exhibition Salon Elan d’Art 11. Corum Montpellier, France
2017 Projection Coeur de Ville en Lumières at MTP on the Fabre museum with ID Scènes Montpellier, France
2016 Interactive installation for Futur l’Expo at Futuroscope Poitiers France
2016 ART3F – Montpellier France Exhibition Center
2013 Palace of Tokyo; Concert Hall, a monumental work as part of the “New Wave” exhibition in Paris, France
2012 Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Exhibition of an interactive work created with Robert Crumb Paris, France
2005 Bitforms Gallery “Torus” New York, USA
2005 Software {ART} space, “Samsung experience” New York, USA
2003 Uijeongbu Digital Arts Festival South Korea
2003 SeNef Festival South Korea
2002 Center Pompidou, “ZOO” Paris, France
2002 AMMI – Cinema Museum in New York, “PuppetTool” New York, USA
2002 Design Museum London, “PuppetTool” London, UK
2002 OFFF festival Barcelona, France
2002 GameTime Melbourne, Australia
2002 House Of Tomorrow Melbourne, Australia
2001 Center Pompidou, the exhibition on interactive design with “PuppetTool” Paris, France
2001 2001-2004, Ars Electronica Museum » PuppetTool and Zoo « Austria


2017 Gold medal at the Lépine competition for O2CHAIR Paris, France
2003 Macromedia Site of the Day for “PuppetTool” San Francisco, California, USA
2002 SCAM Prize for the best French website with LeCielEstBleu Paris, France
2001 SACD New Writing Award with “PuppetTool” Paris, France
2001 New Media Prize of Bologna with “Sea and Fish” Bologna, Italy
2001 I.D. magazine Silver Medal for “PuppetTool” New-York, New-York, USA
2001 Webby Awards nomination for “PuppetTool” Los Angeles, California, USA
2000 Prize for the best adaptation of the new media prize of Bologna with the cd-rom “Alphabet” Bologna, Italy
2000 SACD Multimedia Prize with “Alphabet” Paris, France
2000 Grand Prix Moebius International with “Alphabet” Paris, France
1999 Special Mention of the Salon du Livre de Jeunesse (France) with “Alphabet” Paris, France
1998 Moebius France Prize with the CD-ROM “The Violin, men and Works” Paris, France
1998 Milia d’or culture category with “The Art of the Middle Ages” Cannes, France
1995 First prize EMMA 95 Art culture with cd-rom “La Fondation Maeght” Cannes, France