Enrico Franchi

Enrico Franchi was born in Rome in 1972, where he graduated from the 2nd Art School of the city. Since 1997 he has been making a series of trips participating in sculpture stages and symposia, Den Haag; Lisbon, Nyireghyhaza and Sosto (Hungary) which allow him to deepen both sculpture and contemporary artistic jewelry.
He is a Jeweler artsit. Starting from his interest in matter – be it silver or fragments of metal sheets painted black or red – Enrico Franchi, who feels an increasing attraction to environmental issues, is directing his research towards the social sphere, towards an explicit form of communication expressed through his choice of spare and transparent materials. One example of this is the increasing use he is making of methacrylate for his jewellery and bronze for his statues. This has led to the creation of the cycles Città sepolte (Buried Cities), Decostruzione (Deconstruction), and, most recently, Transumanza (Transhumance) and Agorà. The brooch from Agorà and the rings from Transumanza and Agorà inspire a particular reflection. The deformed animal limbs, with their mounting sense of incomunicability, in turn elicit doubts and debate. While faceless, these bodies seek to establish a sense of mutual solidarity, integrity and trust through their own transformation.