Elena Dunaeva

elena dunaeva

She was born and raised in the USSR (Russia) in Volgograd, she has lived in Rimini since 2000. Her artistic career began as a child but was left for a long period of time for other studies and jobs. In 2018 the time has come to resume drawing and to start painting with oil and acrylic colors on canvas. She took two online courses at the Russian painter Alexandr Grigoriev-Savrasov’s art school which helped her learn and improve the technique of painting, and understand her own ideas and strengths. In February 2022 she completed the painting course at Natalia Bazhenova’s art school – an award-winning painter in many countries of the world.
Studies never end. Elena always tries to improve and learn with a lot of passion and a thirst for knowledge.
Elena is experimenting with various painting techniques and styles. She prefers to work in a figurative and also abstract style. Preferred materials are acrylic and oil colors, with acrylic Elena, likes to use modeling paste and materials such as gold sheets.

After years of work far from her art, Elena begins her journey as an artist, organizing an art studio at her home in Rimini.
In 2019 she starts selling her first paintings and thinking about organizing a personal exhibition.
Love for Rimini and Italy had a strong influence on her art, in June 2021 Elena Dunaeva’s personal exhibition “My Love for this Land” took place at Rimini Terme.
Elena is the official member of the “Arte Marecchia” cultural association of Rimini.
She participated in various Italian online competitions and the international online art festival (June-July 2021) “Golden Time Talent” and was awarded for her talent.
In October-November 2021 she participates in the collective exhibition at the former Astoria cinema in Rimini.
In December (12-19) 2021 she participates in the “Image Festival” in Martina Franca (TA), where she is chosen for an exhibition in the hall of the Doge’s Palace.
From 19 December 2021 to 6 January 2022 Elena participates in the collective exhibition in the municipality of Verucchio (RN) with the Christmas paintings.
Participated in the collective exhibition in the gallery of the “I Malatesta” center in Rimini from 14-23 January 2022.