Denis Barry

Denis Barry

I always liked to draw. In high school, although I took “college prep” courses, I also took classes in drafting and really enjoyed them. That is the only “art education” I have had… the rest was learned through experimenting and continues to experiment to this day. I received my education in mechanical engineering and Mathematics at Ohio State University. I have been a teacher, draftsman, engineer, statistician, and quality director for a glass manufacturing company, but creating art has always been there since 1991.

In 1991 my wife and I were looking for artwork for our new home, but we could not afford the cost. After commenting to my wife that maybe I could make something, she said “Then do it!” I began experimenting with a few things that got tossed in the trash, but I kept experimenting and made some things we liked and hung them on the walls.

One year later, we had saved enough to buy a piece of art from a local gallery. The gallery offered to hang it in our home for us. While there, the owner of the gallery liked what I had made and offered to make more art pieces for the gallery. I became a popular resident artist for the gallery until 2008… when the gallery closed due to the owner retiring. My works have been sold to private collectors, restaurants, and corporate offices, including Colors Inc., ABB, Nationwide, and IBM. However, my wife always gets the first pick on anything I create!

I love geometry, color, abstract images, painting, and… still woodworking. My love for painting and woodworking has helped me to create custom tabletops, custom bar tops, paintings on paper, glass, and canvas, wood-construction sculptures, and even designs of some architectural pieces for our home. I also created a series of coffee tables and end tables with abstract paintings on the wood-grained tops.

Since 2013, I have also been developing digital art using Fractal generation software on my computer. Now, retired from engineering work, my wife and I currently live near Griffin, Georgia, USA, and I am a resident artist at Rue Colline Art Gallery in our town. I continue to create my abstract art, and woodworking on the side… still “experimenting”.

“I have always thought that geometric objects are beautiful. However, symmetry is too predictable. It is the asymmetric composition of these geometric objects that make the point, line, plane, and color challenging and so satisfying to accomplish.”