Arundhati Pise

Arundhati is an Indian artist who was born in 1991 in Devrukh, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. He attended the Devrukh College of Art& Design, which placed a great emphasis on creativity and the development of the child. It was a rich environment that developed a love of drawing with Oil Colors, Acrylic, and painting in watercolor, Oil Color, and Print Making.
Arundhati also discovered a love of printmaking things.
By the time Arundhati reached high school, his interest in art and art history language seemed to be pointing him in the direction of Realistic Paintings like Portraits and portraiture. At this time It seemed to him that the only way to make a career in art was to work at a commercial art studio.
His work from this time is semi-abstract, continuing the theme of Feminism and its complex relationship to the world.
Over the last 5 years, Arundhati has had several exhibitions of her work in Indias Parts like Delhi, Goa, Pune, Rajasthan, and more. His painting from this time examines the impact of mining on the Indian landscape. Her interest in Large painting expression has now extended to a love of painting on Large Canvas.
Arundhati is happily married and lives in Pune with a Baby, a Husband Artist Avinash, and much more canvases.
I am an “Artist” that uses Oil colors & Acrylic colors.
Especially Oil color uses as a medium of expression based in
India. My Oil colors are Dreamy Landscapes, Abstracts &
Indian culture.
Birthday: 24th May 1991
Nationality: Indian
CTC D Ed. (Craft Teacher Diploma): 2011,
Devrukh Collage of Art & Design, Devrukh, Ratnagiri.
Mumbai University.
BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)2016,
Devrukh Collage of Art & Design, Devrukh, Ratnagiri.
Mumbai University.
Art Restaurant, Art Gallery, Palolem Beach, Goa, 2016
Gandhi Art Gallery, Delhi, 2016
P N Gadgil & Sons, Art Gallery, Aundh, Pune, 2017
Chitrakala Parishath, Jaipur, 2017
Chittaranjan Vatika, Pune, 2018 (open exhibition In Garden)
P N Gadgil & Sons, Art Gallery, Kothrud, Pune, 2018
Chitrasanthe, Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore 2017,2018,2019,2020
Dance Festival, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, 2018

Akhand Lokmanch Painting Camp Kankavali, Sindhudurg, 2014
Art Connect, Art Festival, Kolhapur, 2015
Kala Utsav, Aurangabad, 2016
Art Fiesta, Art Festival, Jaipur, 2017
Dance Festival, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, 2018
Collage Annual, 1st Prize, 2012
Collage Annual, 1st Prize, 2013
Camlin Competition, 2015
Swagatam 2017: Delhi
Artist Of The Year 2016