Alessandra Chicarella

Alessandra Chicarella

Painter and goldsmith, class of ’71, was born and works in Latina.
She graduated as a Teacher of Applied Art at the Art Institute of Priverno A. Caboto (LT), where she was able to refine the practical experience imparted, from an early age, by her father who loved studies and artistic techniques. classic.
From the meticulous and precision dexterity, typical of goldsmith work, to the disruptive and instinctive contemporary art, the step will not be short … and after a long front-office experience he returns to drawing, painting, “scratching”, experimenting with new tools, new techniques and materials, thus moving from life drawing to imaginative informal painting.
Her exhibition activity began in 2014: the year in which the artist will participate in the prestigious international exhibition of contemporary art “Color Immersion” at the Domus Talenti exhibition space, in the heart of Rome. She will follow her speech at the collective exhibition “Dreaming of the Eternal City” at the Galleria Elettroshock in Turin; to arrive in Perugia in the same year, exhibiting at the “Art and Evolution” event set up at the Rocca Paolina in the Umbrian capital.
The following year, therefore in 2015, the artist will be selected by the Crisolart Galleries of Barcelona to exhibit within the contemporary “International Review of Visual Art”.
Her artistic industriousness continues unabated in the following years. But a new attitude seems to govern Alessandra Chicarella’s artistic poetics: that is, a careful observation of the territory that is familiar to her and therefore surrounding, which will find breath and confluence in numerous artistic events in the city and in the province of Latina.
Profitable in this sense will be the collaboration with MAD (an acronym for Museum of Diffused Art) of Fabio D’Achille, promoter of many cultural events in the Latin province; by virtue of this, the artist will take part in various personal and collective exhibitions, under the banner of sharing and artistic participation.

Of particular importance will be, in the years 2018-2019, the didactic and exhibition experience in the Moscow city Sergiev Posad, within the international exhibition “En Plein Air”, at the Art Baza Gallery.

It is also worth mentioning the particular relationship with publishing, which will result in 2020 with the graphic and design illustration of the volume “Il Colore del Metallo”, a graphic novel by Fabrizio Gargano up to the recent creation and presentation of “Il Libro d’Artista “, a multi-material and deeply intimate work and from the first” Giornale d’Artista “, a collection of newspapers published during the months of the pandemic lockdown that the artist analyzes, unites, transforms, thus publishing a precious testimony emotional experience of our recent experience.

The comparison with the contemporary world understood as actuality, news, and phenomenology of the transmission of real data, will also find expression, in the summer of 2021, in the creation of the mural dedicated to the memory of the journalist Ilaria Alpi, killed in Mogadishu in 1994.
In existence in the park of the same name named after her, in the city of Latina.

Alessandra Chicarella’s artistic career is therefore characterized by the strong emotional link between a solid experience and meticulous research in a crescendo of observation, conscious experimentation, and an always lively comparison with other artistic expressions.

ROME October 2014 “Color Immersion” at Domus Talenti collective exhibition

TURIN April 2014 “Dreaming of the Eternal City” at the Electroshock Gallery.

SAN FELICE CIRCEO (LT) July 2014 “The Painters of Circeo” at the “Sala della porta del parco” in the historic center.

PERUGIA July 2014 “Art and Evolution” at the Rocca Paolina in the historic center of Perugia.

BARCELONA March 2015 “International Review of Visual Art” at the Crisolart Galleries collective of art.

ROME September 2016 Permanent exhibition at the Flayer Art Gallery.

LATINA December 2017 “A brief history of the evolution of man” with the “Africa” collection. Personal exhibition at the Palace of Culture.

SABAUDIA March 2018 “MADOnna” female art exhibition at the Emilio Greco Museum.

TERRACINA January 2018 “MADAfrica” and “Pain and fly” at Open Art Cafe.

LATINA 1/28 July 2018 “Notes on Happiness” MAD on Paper at the Feltrinelli Libreria Latina

MAENZA (Lt) August – September 2018 “Contemporary Odyssey” at the Baronial Castle.

SERGIEV POSAD September 2018 exhibition in Russia in the Moscow region – En plein air “Art Diplomacy” in collaboration with the Art Baza gallery.

LATINA October – November 2018 “Sorry for the disturbance” at the Feltrinelli bookstore telling about Russia with MAD.

“BIENNALE city of Latina“ December 2019 Fai di Latina recognition award.

LATINA March – May 2019 “MADXIdonna” at the MadxI Contemporary Museum

LATINA – Yeast 2019 “Painting Goldrake” Giannini Museum of Latina.

SERMONETA (Lt) May-June “MADE20“, a contemporary art exhibition curated by MAD.

SERMONETA 28 June 2019 “Cartoon workshop“ with the cartoonist Fabrizio Gargano.

LATINA May 2019 “Evocative Sussulti” paintings on display at Studio Becherucci.

SAN FELICE CIRCEO (Lt) August 2019 “Contemporary Odyssey” at the Tower of the Templars.

MAENZA (Lt) August 2019 “Contemporary Odyssey” at the Baronial Castle.

SERGIEV POSAD (Moscow, Russia) September 2019 “III International meeting en plain air” with the Art Baza Gallery.

LATINA January 2020 presentation of the illustrated book “Il Colore Del Metallo” with the relative exhibition of the works created for publication.

LATINA January 2020 “The Color Of Metal“ at the Feltrinelli. On display are the sketches made also on pages of newspapers, for the illustrations of the published book Alt! Naples.

LATINA January 2020 “Synesthesia” at the Respighi Music Conservatory of Latina on the occasion of the XVII Chamber Music Season.

LATINA March 2020 “Lockdown“ at the Feltrinelli bookshop with works made in newspapers during the lockdown period.

ROME March 2020 “Beep Art” international art exhibition at Atelier Montez.

LATINA June 2020 “Laying of the first stone of the City of Latina” construction of a plaque for the S.M. Goretti thanking the Mayor to health workers for their support during the Covid emergency.

LATINA July 2020 “MadDonna 2020“ Palazzo Caetani, female art Palazzo Caetani, Sermoneta.

LATINA May 2021 “The Game of Colors” Sergio Ban playroom, at the Vasco da Gama Park.

LATINA September 2021 Murals in Piazza Ilaria Alpi dedicated to journalism and freedom of information, on two E-distribution booths inaugurated in the presence of the Mayor of Latina and the President of the FNSI and Articolo21 in the figure of Maria Gela Gritta Grainer.

LATINA September 2021 “Artists on the Bench” a work of street art for urban decoration.

LATINA 2018/2019/2020 in collaboration with the MadXI Contemporary Museum of Latina for educational workshops for primary schools.