Onyinye Ezennia - Zennia

Wonder woman

Artist: Onyinye Ezennia 'Zennia' (Nigerian)

Title: Wonder woman

Date: 2020

Medium: nails, thread, acrylic, (string) on board

Dimension (cm):

L 66


H 78


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Shipping included: No
Money Back: Yes

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Wonder Woman is a work of Zennia’s collection.

The imaginative, much sought-after African hairstyles are an important element of the aesthetic culture in that continent. Women, but also men, have often let their bodies speak through engravings, hairstyles, or tattoos. The millennial culture of those peoples has also been handed down through these external signs, which sometimes distinguish the various populations or the various tribes. The woman could only be the wonderful symbol of this way of externalizing one’s being and here we have a significant example.

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