Natasha Perekhodenko

White shadows

Artist: Natasha Perekhodenko (Ukraina)

Title: White shadows

Date: 2016

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimension (cm):

L 92


H 31


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“White Shadows” is a work from Natasha Perekhodenko’s collection.

The link with nature is very strong in Natasha Perekhodenko’s artistic production. Here we have a tangible example. The hills, the mountains, and the vegetation is pervaded by these “white shadows” as defined by the clouds, which silently envelop everything like a spell in fairy tales. Here there is not only admiration for one of the aspects with which Mother Nature presents herself, but there is also admiration, and there is love.
The skillful use of green and blue hues, which melt in the white of the clouds, implies the shapes, which lose their clarity and strength.
Shapes that lose their physicality, leaving room for emotions, leave the visitor’s mind to wander halfway.

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