Walter Capezzali


Artist: Walter Capezzali (Italy)

Title: “When indigo will flood the sky” – Prometheus

Date: 2013

Medium: Paper

Dimension (cm):

L 71,5


H 51


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Money Back: Yes

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“When Indigo Will Flood the Sky” is a collage artwork by Walter Capezzali.

It deals with the myth of Prometheus from Greek mythology. Have a look at Walter Capezzali’s page on this website to discover all his artworks, especially those with mythological themes. The words of the artist: Sky Eagle Heart. A desert town. The sky is changing to an indigo shade. Time has stopped. Expectation and restlessness are in every corner. Something is going to happen, it’s sure. And the big, wild, eagle of Jupiter appears, filling the sky. Like every day, at the melancholy hour when the sky slowly becomes dark, the eagle is coming to eat up the heart and the liver of the man who dared to steal a drop of fire from the Gods to give it to the Humans. Prometheus is firmly fastened to the column. The big knife is too far to be used. The red cloth was too small to cover him. And the eagle is already coming. This is what is going to happen when Indigo will flood the sky.

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