Mariagoretti Eze

Waiting for the Third Monkey

Artist: Mariagoretti Eze (Nigeria)

Title: Waiting for the Third Monkey

Date: 2021

Medium: Photography

Dimension (cm):

L 91.4


H 121.9


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Shipping included: Yes
Money Back: Yes

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Waiting for the Third Monkey is a work from Mariagoretti Eze’s collection.

Waiting for the Third Monkey. Eze has decided to give an extremely ironic title, but deeply racist and offensive, not surprisingly. She is a black girl and therefore lives these awful jokes right on her skin. Her spirit of observation has seized, as always, the most expressive moment to convey her thoughts and her discomfort. The expectant mother, with two children sitting quietly on a bridge, the right thinking, if the subjects had been white, would have said “The picture of a beautiful little family”. Nonsense hard to die, but that even with the contribution of artists like Mariagoretti will be able to break down.

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