Walter Capezzali

Waiting for food

Artist: Walter Capezzali (Italy)

Title: Waiting for food

Date: 2020

Medium: paper

Dimension (cm):

L 52


H 42


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Money Back: Yes

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“Waiting for Food” is a work from the collection of Walter Capezzali

“Waiting for Food” is another artwork by Walter Capezzali inspired by ancient Greece mythology. Tantalus, the reckless Tantalus who dared to test the gods, serving them his own son, the son, cut into pieces and then cooked, was miraculously resurrected.
And he was condemned to the eternity of the Tartar, immersed in the water of a lake that withdrew when he tried to drink, and under a tree full of fruits that went away at each vain attempt to pick them. Here the scene has modernized a bit. We are in a plaster cemetery. Tantalus asks loudly with his mobile phone when dinner arrives, but also the serving maids and the food are always in plaster.


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